Sunday, March 27, 2016

Toast on Toast

It's pretty safe to say I love food; which you will soon learn after more of my posts. I try to be as healthy as I can and also be creative with my foods! One way to be super creative is by putting ingredients on toast. I usually use two pieces of toasted whole wheat bread. Here are a few of the toast recipes I've tried:

Because I love avocados, this is dreamy to me. After I toasted my two pieces of whole wheat toast (you can use one piece but that isn't filling enough for me!) I spread half an avocado on the slices. Then, I poached an egg and put that on the toast. Finally, I put a dash of pepper on each slice. This toast is not only yummy but has great health benefits. The avocado is a source of healthy fat and the egg is protein.

Another one of my favorite toasts to make is peanut butter banana toast; it's extremely easy to make and it's basically what the name is! After toasting the bread, I spread non-fat peanut butter on each slice and sliced one banana into around 16-17 pieces; depending how much of the banana you want and how thick you want each slice of banana to be.
This toast is probably the easiest of the 3. I saut├ęd the spinach then put it on the toast. Next, I sliced up a hard boiled egg and put it on top of the spinach. All I did after that was sprinkle pepper on each of the slices.


Summer Vibes: Brandy Melville

Outfits going left to right:
Brandy Melville CA 1984 tee w/ black Brandy Melville Vodi Shorts $16
Brandy Melville New York Soho tee w/ grey Brandy Melville Vodi shorts $16
About a Girl Cities tee w/ Vintage Havana jean shorts

These super comfy summer outfits are some of my faves. I would describe the Brandy Melville look as California laid back style which I love!! Being a brandy lover, these are STAPLES in my wardrobe. In the summer when it's super hot I prefer being super comfy. Vodi shorts from Brandy Melville are a must; they're super comfy and equally cute! The outfit furthest from the left isn't brandy, but it resembles their style. I would wear all of these outfits with a pair of white converse (high or low top) or Rainbow Flip flops, however any shoes really go with these outfits. Happy shopping!
xoxo- ash